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A general survey of opinions about health tests and advice on breeding Irish Water Spaniels.

The Irish Water Spaniel Health Foundation is an international organization in the process of incorporating and acquiring non-profit charitable status. It is devoted to:

1) Collecting and maintaining a worldwide health and life expectancy database relating to the Irish Water Spaniel and providing such information to anyone with an interest.
2) Providing a general reference "library" on its web site relating to health concerns in general and as they may relate to the Irish Water Spaniel breed.
3) Eventually, where appropriate, sourcing/supplying funding for health, life expectancy research and studies pertaining to the Irish Water Spaniel.

Aims and Objectives

The Foundation's aim is to serve the worldwide Irish Water Spaniel community by providing a forum for internet-based collection and circulation of information, research and educational materials relating to the health and life expectancy of the breed, and for anyone with an interest to use the forum to promote research for the long-term benefit of the breed


The IWS Health Foundation makes no claims as to the accuracy or veracity of the information contained in articles, web links, et cetera on this site. The data provided is for informational purposes only, and we suggest that readers review it with a critical eye, arrive at their own conclusions and consult with their veterinarians.


This is just a beginning. We hope that you’ll consider this to be your web site and that you'll help it grow and expand. If you come across an article or link that you feel would be helpful to our Irish Water Spaniel community, please send it in to us so that we can add it to our library. Please email Florence at: browndogz@sbcglobal.net