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Breeder Survey

A general survey of opinions about health tests and advice on breeding IWS.


This material shows what breeders of IWS have chosen to contribute with asked about their personal opinions regarding health tests in IWS breeding.

The investigation suffers from the fact that only very few have given their opinion. This must be taken in account, if anyone wants to use this material in a larger context.


"I may have a slightly different approach than some others. I would personally prefer to provide information along with realistic, factual data & express concerns without requiring test A or test B."

"I personally prefer recommendations to requirement so that people can make their own informed decisions."

"Breeding IWS for me is all about balance; balancing knowledge with imagination."

"In my opinion, health screening programs and COI's are all fantastic tools for the conscientious breeder, but it is important to balance the results with a host of other factors that go into producing healthy but "typical" IWS"

"Exceptions can be made for testing Sires whose semen was collected and stored prior to the test list / criteria being developed or Sires who are not longer available for testing. In this cases it is my feeling that the progeny from that breeding must ALL tested for criteria listed in order to get a better picture of what that stud is throwing and to set the standard for a good forward basis"

"I personally also include heart testing now, as I have learned that there are heart problems appearing worldwide." "if we don't test, we don't know, and that will be disastrous for the breed. In my opinion, heart testing of all breeding stock should be required as one of the standard tests."

"I too am adamant about testing for hearts".

"At the moment we are all operating from a far from level playing field. The points made about cardiac issues are equally valid for elbows, eyes and thyroid. Perhaps this group needs to think of how we can begin to raise the bar for health screening in general and not just prioritise certain conditions?"

"You will have to bring in consideration, that IWS is a very small breed. I feel that we have to prioritize the genetic diseases according to how serious they are to the dog."

"Diseases that do not cause death, (euthanasia), causes pain or give up quality of life should be prioritized lower than diseases that are fatal or provides disability".