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Autoimmune and Skin
  Cold Water Tail
  DLA Class II Alleles Are Associated with Risk for Canine Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystropy (SLO)
  Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy
  Studies on the inheritance of hair loss in the IWS
  Hair loss in the Irish water spaniel
Blood Diseases
  Cardiac manifestations of Lyme disease
  Pet Owner's Guide to Cancer
  Tackling Canine Osteosarcoma
Eye Disease
  Hereditary eye disease in dogs
  Inheritance Patterns of Bichon Juvenile Cataracts Autosomal Recessive
Elbow Displasia
  Elbow FAQs
  Elbow Dysplasia Grades
  Elbow Dysplasia Types
  Elbow Dysplasia
  Elbow dysplasia in dogs
  What Causes Heart Murmurs?
Infectious Diseases
  10 Things to Know About the H3N8 Dog Flu
  Dr. Jean Dodd's Revised Vaccine Protocol
Hip Displasia
  The Dysplastic Hip Joint
  Hip Dysplasia Treatment Options
  OFA vs PennHip distraction values
  International Hip Dysplasia Ratings
  Scoring radiographs for canine Hip Dysplasia - The big three organisations in the world
  Hip & Elbow Dysplasia in the Golden Retriever in Australia
  Hip dysplasia in dogs
  Retrospective Analysis for Genetic Improvement of Hip Joints of Cohort Labrador Retrievers
  IWS Thyroid Study
  Autoimmune Lymphocytic Thyroiditis – The Unknown Epidemic??
  Autoimmune Thyroid Disease: Phenotype Testing & Evidence of a Genetic Component