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Books and Reference
Irish Water Spaniel Breed Books

A Bundle of Rags in a Cyclone – N. Waters (Engelstalig/English)
Revised edition published in 1998.
Includes information about: History, kennels, breed characteristics, care, IWS in art.


The Irish Water Spaniel – S.E. Dady (Engelstalig/English)
(Special Breed Edition)
The care, showing and training of the IWS.
Published by Interpret Publishing, Surrey, England
Uitgegeven/ Published in 2003 - Copyright: Kennelclub books, Inc. USA.


The Irish Water Spaniel – Marion Hopkins (English)
(Special Rare-Breed Edition, A comprehensive Owner’s Guide)
Published by Interpret Publishing, Surrey, England
Copyright in 2005 - Copyright: Kennelclub books, Inc. USA.


The Sporting Spaniel Handbook – L. Spiotta-DiMare (Engelstalig/English)
On the different spaniel breeds. Includes a chapter on IWS.
ISBN 0-7641-0884-0 - uitgegeven in 1999 door Barron's Educational Series Inc., New York (USA).


Woolly Jumper – Dennis McCarthy M.B.E. (Engelstalig/English)
Experiences of a special IWS and its owner.
Published in 1992 (UK)

Breeding Reference Books

Born To Win, Breed to Succeed by Patricia Craige Trotter, 2nd edition, Kennel Club Books, LLC

  Tricks of the Trade: From Best Intentions to Best in Show by Pat Hastings © 2005 Dogfolk Enterprises
  The Joy of Breeding Your Own Show Dog by Ann Seranne, Wendell J. Sammet, Julia Gasow, Donna L. Morden © 2004, Wiley Publishing, Inc

Successful Dog Breeding; by Chris Walkowicz & Bonnie Wilcox © 1994, Howell Book House

  Solving the Mysteries of Breed Type -- Richard G. Beauchamp, Kennel Club Books; Second Edition edition (February 12, 2008)
  Control of Canine Genetic Diseases -- George A. Padgett, DVM; Howell Book House; 1 edition (October 26, 1998)
  Genetics: An Introduction For Dog Breeders -- Jackie Isabell; Alpine Blue Ribbon Books (February 1, 2003)
  Dog Locomotion & Gait Analysis-- Curtis M. Brown; Hoflin Pub Ltd (January 1, 1986)
  An Eye For A Dog, Illustrated Guide to Judging Purebred Dogs -- Robert Cole; Dogwise Publishing
  Dogsteps - What To Look For In A Dog DVD -- Rachel Page Elliott; Dogwise Publishing, 2005 DVD
  Dogsteps - A New Look, 3rd Edition -- Rachel Page Elliott; Fancy Publications 2009
  ABC's of Dog Breeding, What Every Breeder Should Know, A Home Study Program for Dog Breeders, Claudia Orlandi
Canine Medical Reference
  The Merck Veterinary Manual
  The Barf Diet; by Dr. Ian Billinghurst