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Breed Registries Australian National Kennel Council www.ankc.org.au/
  Australian National Kennel Council National Code of Practice for Hereditary Diseases and any code of ethics which is in force in each Australian state http://www.ankc.org.au/About-ANKC/National-Code-of-Practice-for-Hereditary-Diseases.aspx
Health Databases None active  

Australian breed clubs may make submissions to the ANKC to have certain hereditary diseases declared a problem/prevalent in the breed, then regulate members by stipulating that all breeding stock must be tested for these hereditary diseases prior to breeding. Breed clubs that regulate as such will only allow stud dogs with these health clearances to be advertised via the club, and only puppies produced from parents with these health clearances may be sold via the club.

Many breed clubs that don’t place restrictions on their members, openly state on their websites that the breed suffers from certain hereditary diseases, and that puppy buyers should verify with the breeder that these health screens have been done, and both parents have passed. To date, the only IWS club in Australia has not placed any health screening/breeding restrictions on IWS; however, most breeders are responsible and at least hip X-ray (BVA). Others also elbow score and eye test prior to breeding (before mating).