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The Netherlands / Holland
Breed Registries Kennel Club of The Netherlands/Raad van Beheer/Dutch Kennel Club www.raadvanbeheer.nl
Fédération Cynologique Internationale http://www.fci.be/
IWS Health Contacts:

Anja Mets-Boom

Breed Clubs Ierse Water Spaniel Vereniging Nederland
(Irish Water Spaniel Association of the Netherlands)
Health Databases    

Hip scores of breeding dogs must be done and passed according to the breed club's breed rules and the official ECVO eye test must be done and published before a litter can be advertised on the IWSVN's web site and/or in the Club's Newsletter.

-  Official hip-x-ray, done by a designated Vet.

Breeding according to the IWSVN Breed-rules (RFR) in conjunction with the Dutch Kennel Club, a.o. All breeding stock must be healthy and not closely related to each other, age of bitch is restricted, stud dog is restricted not to sire more than 4 times during his lifetime, in the Netherlands.