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Breed Registries Irish Kennel Club www.ikc.ie/
  Fédération Cynologique Internationale http://www.fci.be/
Breed Clubs Irish Water Spaniel Club www.irishwaterspanielclub.org
Health Databases    

The Irish Kennel Club does not require documentation including proof of dog's identity or that of the sire and dam to register a litter from any breed. If an application seems suspicious they may follow it up. There is no online registry in Ireland.

The KC Gazette publishes results of hip scores, which must be done by the British Veterinary Association, so any hip scores for Irish Water Spaniels are given there. There is no enforcement for hip scoring or any other tests for the breed.

The Irish Water Spaniel Club has a Club Code of Ethics within their Rule Book. It says:

“Members should not breed from stock of unsound temperament or with hereditary defects, nor from a sire or dam who is not hip scored, nor from a sire or dam who has known genetic problems (e .g. entropion or hip dysplasia).”

Results of Health checks carried out by members/owners, are not published.