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Breed Registries Svenska Kennelklubben www.skk.se
  Fédération Cynologique Internationale http://www.fci.be/
Breed Clubs Swedish Irish Water Spaniel Club www.irlandskvattenspaniel.se
Health Databases

Rasdata.nu is collaboration between the Irish Water Spaniel Club of Sweden and the Swedish Spaniel and Retriever Club. It contains official breed-specific information and test results for all registered and imported IWS from the Swedish Kennel Club’s (SKK) registry. It includes data collected from ~1976 presented in an accessible way. The information is updated four times a year.


All hip, elbow & eye test results are shown on the Svenska Kennelklubben’s web site.          

To register IWS puppies in Sweden, sire/dam hip x-ray is required; elbow x-ray and eye testing are recommended.

The breed club doesn’t have any special requirements.