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Breed Registries Danish Kennel Club/Dansk Kennel Klub www.dansk-kennel-klub.dk/Forside
Fédération Cynologique Internationale http://www.fci.be/
IWS Health Contacts:

C. Hurup Philipsen

Breed Clubs

There is no separate IWS club as the breed population is very small, but IWSs are under the auspices of the Danish Spaniel Club/Spaniel Klubben

Health Databases DKK hundeweb (membership required) www.hundeweb.dk

The Danish IWS Club, operates under Danish Spaniel Club and Danish Kennel Club.

To register a litter:
- Official hip x-rayed
- Eye test for both the sire/dam, done not longer ago than 1 year at breeding time, are required.

Health results are published in the Danish Kennel Club, but are limited for members only. Elbow Dysplasia Grade 3 is not allowed to be bred from.